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Results 1-20 of 27 titles for History: Social
The Anglo-Indians in Hyderabad : sociolinguistic, historical and anthropological perspectives
by Joseph, Smita
Our Price : RS. 1050.00

Being tribal
by Ratnagar, Shereen
Our Price : RS. 825.00

Essays on literature, history and society : selected works of Professor Syed Naqi Husain Jafri, compiled by Saiyid ZaheerHusain Jafri et al.
Our Price : RS. 675.00

The eternal dastur craft : a history of mannerism, social groups and formation for Amber-Jaipur state, early eighteenth to late nineteenth century
by Choudhary , Manisha
Our Price : RS. 995.00

Growth of scheduled tribes and castes in medieval India
by Lal, KS
Our Price : RS. 360.00

Health, medicine and migration : the formation of indentured labour, c.1834-1920
by Madhwi
Our Price : RS. 1395.00

Industrialisation and socio-cultural change in the Tannery belt of the Palar valley (Tamil Nadu) (ISSN : 0972-3188)
by Kennedy, Loraine (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 530.00

Jews of Goa,
Our Price : RS. 1295.00

Judgements Du Tribunal De La Chaudrie De Pondichery 1766-1817, 2 vols., (in French)
by Bonnam, Jean-Claude
Our Price : RS. 1150.00

The life, times and miracles of Sree Narayana Guru
by Ramachandran, K.K.
Our Price : RS. 600.00

Mumbai : socio-cultural perspectives contributions of ethnic groups and communities
Our Price : RS. 995.00

Narratives from the margins : aspects of adivasi history in India, rev. and enlarged ed.
Our Price : RS. 1195.00

Networks of trade, polity and societal integration in Chola-era South India c.875-1279
by Hall, Kenneth R.
Our Price : RS. 995.00

Ordinary life in Mughal India : the evidence from painting
by Verma, SP
Our Price : RS. 1450.00

Real and imagined widows : gender relations in colonial North India
by Atwal, Jyoti
Our Price : RS. 1495.00

Ritual, caste, and religion in colonial South India
by Bergunder, Michael et al (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 1095.00

Roma and the steel route
Our Price : RS. 1800.00

Sacred complex of Ujjain, foreword by Baidyanath Saraswati
by Samanta, Dipak Kumar (b.1946)
Our Price : RS. 325.00

Sati : evangelicals, Baptist missionaries, and the changing colonial discourse
by Jain, Meenakshi
Our Price : RS. 995.00

A scoio-intellectual history of the Isna Ashari Shi'is in India, (17th to 19th century AD), 2 vols.
by Rizvi, Siyid Athar Abbad
Our Price : RS. 1500.00

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