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Vedic and IndoEuropean studies

Kazanas, Nicholas

xxxiii+380p., bib., ind., 23cm.
Cultural interflow between India and Japan

Chandra, Lokesh

389p., (59) pls., (11) col pls., ind., 29cm.
God, reason, and yoga: a critical edition and translation of the commentary ascribed to Sankara on Patanjalayogasastra 1.23-28

Harimoto, Kengo

vii+279, app., bib., ind., 25cm
Voices from the mountain: the Sailendra inscriptions discovered in Central Java and on the Malay Peninsula tr. and comm. by Mark E Long

v+356p., (100) figs., (1) illus., ind., 29cm.
Mythology of Buddhism in Tibet and Mongolia: guide to the lamaist collection of Prince Ukhtomsky, with a foreword by Prince E. Ukhtomsky, transl. by Sushama Lohia

Grunwedel, Albert

267p., (178)pls., ind., 29cm.
Buddhism across the grasslands of Chinggis Khan

Chandra, Lokesh

568p., 171pls., (76)col. pls., gloss., ind., 25cm.
Rani ki Vav: the abode of Bodhisattvas and Dakinis

Rao, Rekha

246p., full of b&w figs., gloss., bibl., ind., 29cm.
Subhuticandra's Kavikamadhenu on Amarakosa 1.1.1-1.4.8: together with Si tu Pan chen's Tibetan translation, edited and introduced by Lata Mahesh Deokar

xiv+594p., bibl., ind., 25cm.
Emerald city: the birth and evolution of an Indian gemstone industry

Babb, Lawrence A.

xii+220p., (1)map, (33)illus., ind., 24cm.
Kapphinabhyudaya of Sivasvamin's, ed. by Michael Hahn, with preface in English, Sanskrit text, selected variant readings, index of verses and five appendices

viii+464p., app., ind., 24cm.
Lord Siva and Buddha in the Golden Isles: in search of classical Indonesia

Chandra, Lokesh

417p., (24)col. pls., several b&w illus., (1)map, ind., 29cm.
The man from samye: Longchenpa on praxis, its negation and liberation

Ifergan, Gidi

xii+213p., (7)col. pls., (2)app., bibl., 29cm.
Transforming tradition: cultural essays in honour of Mukund Lath

Horstmann, Monika (ed.)

x+136p., ind., 24cm.
Xuan Zhang's mission to the west with Monkey King

Bhat, Rama B.

xi+768p., (1)map, (1)fig., 29cm.