Solve your problems astrologically

Behari, Bepin

₹ 495.00

A unique publication on Hindu astrology which exposes everyday human problems like education, sex, marriage, job, finance, ill-health and death in the most revealing manner. If you have a problem, the book will dissolve it and disclose interesting features of your life. The present study is directed to those readers who wish to make use of astrological knowledge for tackling their personal problems. The ancient seers and eminent astrologers have emphasized that the knowledge of the stars was imparted to mankind so that they could harmonise their life according to stellar influences. There was a destiny for each individual. The planetary adiations were merely endeavouring to guide the individual or the nation to that destiny. Whenever there was any deviation from this goal, one experienced pain. The astrological knowledge was given to us in order to comprehend the working of the finer forces of nature and to adapt ourselves to them. Astrology was never intended to propagate fatalism.

ISBN 13: 9788120816961

ISBN 10: 812081696X

Year: 2014

Language: ENGLISH

Pages etc.: 507p., 23cm.

Binding: Hardbound

Subject(s): Astrology

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