The Mahabharata, critical and illustrated edition, 19 vols. in 22 bindings (Rexine bound)

₹ 35000.00

Adiparvan, Vol.I - Part - I (ISBN 9788193964200); Adiparvan, Vol.I - Part - II (ISBN 9788193964217); Sabhaparvan, Vol.II (ISBN 9788193964224); Aranyakaparvan, Vol.III (ISBN 9788193964293); Aranyakaparvan, Vol. IV (ISBN 9788193964231); Virataparvan, Vol. V (ISBN 9788193964248); Udyogaparvan, Vol. VI (ISBN 9788193964255); Bhismaparvan, Vol. VII (ISBN 9788193964262);;Dronaparvan, Vol. VIII (ISBN 9788193964279); Dronaparvan, Vol. IX (ISBN 9788193964286); Karnaparvan, Vol. X (ISBN 9788193980804); Salyaparvan, Vol. XI (ISBN 9788193980811); Sauptikaparvan & Striparvan, Vol. XII (ISBN 9788193980828); Santiparvan (Apaddharma), Vol. XIII (ISBN 9788193980835); Santiparvan (Apaddharma), Vol. XIV (ISBN 9788193980842); Santiparvan (Moksadharma),Vol. XV (ISBN 9788193980859); Santiparvan (Moksadharma),Vol. XVI (ISBN 9788193980866); Introduction to Santiparvan, Vol.XVI, PT B (ISBN 9788193980873); Anusasanaparvan Part I, Vol. XVII (ISBN 9788193980880) Anusasanaparvan Part II, Vol. XVII (ISBN 9788193980897); Asvamedhikaparvan, Vol. XVIII (ISBN 9788194020004); Asramavasikaparvan, Mausalaparvan, Mahaprasthanikaparvan, Svargaroha?aparvan, Vol. XIX (ISBN 9788194020011).;

ISBN 13: 9788193964200

ISBN 10: 8193964209

Pages etc.: various pagings, 29cm.

Binding: Hardbound

Is Set: Yes

Subject(s): Epics

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