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Results 1-11 of 11 titles for Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute
Agnistoma : complete description of the normal form of Soma sacrifice in the Vedic cult, 2 vols. (bound in one), by W. Caland et al., tr from French into English by Ganesh Umakant..
Our Price : RS. 1500.00

Dictionary of Paninian grammatical terminology
by Roodbergen, JAF
Our Price : RS. 1200.00

The Harivamsa : being the Khila or supplement to the Mahabharata, critically ed. by Parashuram Lakshman Vaidya, Vol. 1
Our Price : RS. 800.00

History of Dharmasastra, 5 vols. (in 8 parts), ancient and mediaeval religions and civil law in India
by Kane, PV
Our Price : RS. 11500.00

An illustrated Prakrit manuscript of Paryusana-Kalpasutra, ed. by M.K. Dhavalikar et al, with a brief outline of the Pajjosavanakappa by R.P. Poddar
Our Price : RS. 2000.00

The Mahabharata, critical and illustrated edition, 19 vols. in 22 bindings (Rexine bound)
Our Price : RS. 32000.00

Shan-Chien-P'i-P'o-Sha : Chinese version by Sangabhadra of Samantpasadika, comm. on Pali Vinaya, tr. into English for the first time by P.V. Bapat
Our Price : RS. 2200.00

Text of the Mahabharata and the Harivamsa, Vols.1-5
Our Price : RS. 3500.00

Vedic bibliography, Vol.6 (partly ed. by G.U. Thite)
by Dandekar, RN (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 1200.00

Yaska's Nirukta, Vol.1, ed. with introd., cursory examination of Nighantu, notes on chapters I-III of Nirukta, and 26 indexes, by VK Rajavade, 2nd edition
Our Price : RS. 600.00

The Yoga of Patanjali, by M.R. Yardi, with an intro., Sanskrit text of the Yogasutras, English tr. and notes
Our Price : RS. 600.00