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Results 121-140 of 3589 titles for new releases
Apad-Dharma in the Mahabharata : how to face calamities at personal, state and global levels
by Agarwal, Satya P
Our Price : RS. 225.00

Aparoksanubhuti of Adi Sankaracaraya, with the commentary by Shrikrishna Deshmukh
Our Price : RS. 325.00

Apne bacho ko kaise khilaye? (aur iska lufht le)
by Barni, Tabinda J.
Our Price : RS. 395.00

Apne khud ke sabdo me....Lata Mangeshkar
by Kabir, Nasrin Munni
Our Price : RS. 750.00

Apocalypse Pakistan : an anatomy of 'the world's most dangerous nation', foreword by Ayesha Siddiqa
by Marino, Francesca et al
Our Price : RS. 395.00

Approach to battle : training the Indian Army during the Second World War
by Jeffreys, Alan
Our Price : RS. 1195.00

Approaches to history : essays in Indian historiography
by Bhattacharya, Sabyasachi (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 1095.00

Approaching the divine : the integration of Alvar bhakti in Srivaisnavism
by Jagannathan, Bharati
Our Price : RS. 1395.00

Approaching the land of bliss : religious praxis in the cult of Amitabha
Our Price : RS. 495.00

Apsaras in Hoysala art : a new dimension
by Rao, Rekha
Our Price : RS. 1450.00

The archaeoastronomy of a few megalithic sites of Jharkhand
by Das, Subhashis
Our Price : RS. 695.00

Archaeological geography of the Ganga plain : the upper Ganga (Oudh, Rohilkhand, and the Doab)
by Chakrabarti, Dilip K
Our Price : RS. 900.00

An archaeological journey of Nalanda (1838-2016)
by Lama, G.K.
Our Price : RS. 2500.00

Archaeology in India : individuals, ideas and institutions
by Sengupa, Gautam et al. (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 1495.00

Archaeology in the third world : a history of Indian archaeology since 1947
by Chakrabarti, Dilip Kumar (b.1941)
Our Price : RS. 1100.00

The Archaeology of Bhakti I : Mathura and Maturai, back and forth, ed. by Emmanuel Francis & Charlotte Schmid
Our Price : RS. 1000.00

The archaeology of Bhakti II : Royal Bhakti, local Bhakti, ed. by Emmanuel Francis & Charlotte Schmid
Our Price : RS. 1300.00

Archaeology of early Buddhism
by Fogelin, Lars
Our Price : RS. 995.00

Archaeology of Fatehpur Sikri : new discoveries
by Sharma, DV (b.1992)
Our Price : RS. 3500.00

The archaeology of iron and social change in early South India
by Singh, Om Prakash
Our Price : RS. 1195.00

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