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Results 41-60 of 100 titles for Texts M: Sanskrit
Kalpa sutra of Bhadrabahu Svami, text with English transl. by Kastur Chand Lalwani
Our Price : RS. 400.00

Kanvasatapathabrahmanam, 5 vols., text with English tr. and ed. by C.R. Swaminathan
Our Price : RS. 2645.00

Kathasaritsagara of Somadeva Bhatta, text in Devanagari, ed. by Jagdish Lal Shastri
Our Price : RS. 995.00

Kavyalankarasarasangraha of Udbhata, with comm. of Induraja, ed. with introd., notes and appendices by N.D. Banhatti, 2nd edition
Our Price : RS. 250.00

La Haritasamhita, texte medical Sanskrit, Avec un index de nomenclature ayurvedique par Alix Raison (in Sanskrit and French)
Our Price : RS. 580.00

La Visvagunadarsacampu de Venkatadhbarin : un poeme satirique Sanskrit, introd., traduction et notes par Marie-Claude porcher (in French)
Our Price : RS. 460.00

Layout and construction of cites according to Baudhayana, Manava, and Apastamba Sulbasutras
by Kulkarni, R.P.
Our Price : RS. 200.00

Le commentaire De Harihara Sur Le Malatimadhava De Bhavabhuti ed. by Francois Grimal, intro. in French
Our Price : RS. 810.00

Le Gitalamkara : L'ouvrage original de Bharata sur la musique, edition critique, traduction francaise et introdution par Alain Danielou et N.R. Bhatt (in Sanskrit and French)
Our Price : RS. 350.00

Mahabhasyapradipaprakasa par Pravartakopadhyaya : commentaires sur le Mahabhasya de Patanjali et le Pradipa de Kaiyata, edition critique par M.S. Narasimhacharya, (in Sanskrit)
Our Price : RS. 580.00

Matangaparamesvaragama (Kriyapada, Yogapada et Caryapada) avec le commentaire de Bhatta Ramakantha, edition critique par N.R. Bhatt (in Sanskrit and French)
Our Price : RS. 860.00

Matangaparamesvaragama (Vidyapada) avec le commentaire de Bhatta Ramakantha, edition critique par N.R. Bhatt (in Sanskrit and French)
Our Price : RS. 860.00

Mathematics and medicine in Sanskrit
by Wujastyk, Dominik (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 600.00

Mrgendragama, section des rites et section du comportement : Avec la Vrtti de Bhattanarayanakantha, traduction, introduction et notes par Helene Brunner-Lachaux, (in French)
Our Price : RS. 690.00

Mrgendragama : sections de la doctrine et du yoga. Avec la Vrtti de Bhattanarayanakantha et la Dipika d'Aghorasivacarya, traduction, introduction et notes par Michel Hulin (French)
Our Price : RS. 690.00

Nartananirnaya of Pandarika Vitthala, 3 vols., critically edited and transl. with commentary by R. Sathyanarayana
Our Price : RS. 1900.00

Natyasastra of Bharatamuni, Khand 1 : kavya-lakshan khand (adhyaya 1-3, 6, 7, 13-27, 35, 36), ed., tr. and comm. in Hindi by Revaprasad Dvivedi
Our Price : RS. 2400.00

Nayavarttikatatparyaparisuddhi of Udayanacarya, ed. by Anantalal Thakur
Our Price : RS. 680.00

Parampara : a digital archive to the manuscripts in the French Institute of Pondicherry, (in English and Sanskrit) (CD-ROM)
by Grimal, F et al.
Our Price : RS. 350.00

Pingal Devayan : Brahma Kalpa, Vol.2, by Hajari, tr. and ed. by Amita Nathwani, with preface and introd. in English
Our Price : RS. 995.00

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