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Results 1-20 of 97 titles for Philosophy: Yoga
Anatomy of Hatha yoga : a manual for students, teachers and practitioners, foreword by Timothy McCall, USA, 2001
by Coulter, H David
Our Price : RS. 795.00

Ancient yoga and modern science
by Anantharaman, TR
Our Price : RS. 170.00

Ancient yoga and modern science, foreword by D.P. Chattopadhyaya
by Anantharaman, TR
Our Price : RS. 170.00

The ascent
by Mahajan, Yogi
Our Price : RS. 195.00

Breath of life : breathing for health, vitality and meditation, England, 1996
by Saraswati, Swami Dharmananda
Our Price : RS. 75.00

Changing minds : mind, consciousness and identity in Patanjali's Yoga-Sutra and cognitive neuroscience
by Desmarais, Michele Marie
Our Price : RS. 695.00

Classical and contemporary issues in Indian studies : essays in honour of Trichur S. Rukmani
by Kumar, P Pratap et al (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 1500.00

Classical yoga philosophy and the legacy of Samkhya with Sanskrit text and English tr. of Patanjala Yogasutra-s, Vyasa bhasya and Tattvavaisaradi of Vacaspatimisra
by Larson, Gerald James
Our Price : RS. 3295.00

The eight limbs of Yoga : pathway to liberation
by Ram, Bhava
Our Price : RS. 395.00

Encyclopedia of Indian philosophies, Vol.12 : Yoga India's philosophy of meditation, ed. by Gerald James Larson et al
Our Price : RS. 1800.00

Energies of transformation : a guide to the Kundalini process, USA, 1990
by Greenwell, Bonnie
Our Price : RS. 295.00

Evolution of yoga
by Sahi, Bharat Bhushan
Our Price : RS. 225.00

The forceful yoga : being the translation of Hathayoga-Pradipika, Gheranda-Samhita and Siva-Samhita, tr. into English by Panchanan Singh et al., romanised and ed. by G.P. Bhatt, ....
Our Price : RS. 345.00

From devotion to total surrender Saranagati Yoga : in the light of Indian philosophy
by Sribhashyam, TK et al
Our Price : RS. 850.00

God, reason, and yoga : a critical edition and translation of the commentary ascribed to Sankara on Patanjalayogasastra 1.23-28
by Harimoto, Kengo
Our Price : RS. 950.00

A handbook of Yoga-Nidra, with a foreword by Pranav Pandya
by Kumar, Kamakhya
Our Price : RS. 650.00

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Sanskrit text with Eng. tr. Pancham Sinh
Our Price : RS. 100.00

Hatha-yoga : its context, theory and practice, with a foreword by David Frawley
by Murley, Mikel
Our Price : RS. 250.00

The hidden way : a study in modern religious esoterism
by Aagaard, Johannes et al.
Our Price : RS. 250.00

The integrity of the yoga darsana : a reconsideration of classical yoga
by Whicher, Ian (b.1954)
Our Price : RS. 525.00

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