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The bowl of Saki : thoughts for daily contemplation from the sayings and teachings of Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat
by Khan, Hazrat Inayat (1882-1927)
Our Price : RS. 190.00
The Brahma Kumaris as a `Reflexive Tradition' : responding to late modernity, Ashgate Publication, UK, 2002
by Walliss, John
Our Price : RS. 295.00
Braj, centre of Krishna pilgrimage
by Entwistle, AW
Our Price : RS. 0.00
Brave men of the hills : resistance and rebellion in Burma, 1825-1932
by Ghosh, Parimal
Our Price : RS. 400.00
The bridge to the three holy cities : the Samanya-praghattaka of Narayana Bhatta's Tristhalisetu, ed. and tr. by Richard Salomon
Our Price : RS. 400.00
British Christians, Indian nationalists and the Raj
by Studdert-Kennedy, Gerald
Our Price : RS. 225.00
British imperialism and Afghanistan's struggle for independence 1914-21
by Arghandawi, Abdul Ali
Our Price : RS. 500.00
British life in India : an anthology of humorous and other writings perpetrated by the British in India 1750-1947, with some latitude for works completed after independence
by Vernede, RV (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 295.00
British life in India : an anthology of humorous and other writings prepetrated by the British in India 1750-1950 with some latitude for works completed after independence
by Verneds, RV (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 125.00
The British papers : secret and confidential India-Pakistan-Bangladesh documents 1958-1969, compiled and selected by Roedad Khan, introd. by Humayun Khan
Our Price : RS. 995.00
British rule on Indian soil : North India in the first half of the nineteenth century, tr. by Benedict Baron
by Mann, Michael et al.
Our Price : RS. 475.00
British social policy and female infanticide in India
by Panigrahi, Lalita
Our Price : RS. 250.00
Bronze and iron ages in South Asia
by Agrawal, DP et al.
Our Price : RS. 3600.00
Buddha in the waiting room : simple truths about health, illness and healing
by Brenner, Paul
Our Price : RS. 150.00
The Buddha nature : a study of Tathagathagarbha and Alayavijnana
by Brown, Brian E
Our Price : RS. 595.00
The Buddha's law among the birds, tr. and comm. by Edward Conze
Our Price : RS. 150.00
Buddhacarita or acts of the Buddha by Asvaghosa, 3 parts in one, complete Skt. text with English transl. (Cantos I-XIV) translated from the original Skt. supplemented by the ...
Our Price : RS. 495.00
Buddhacarita or acts of the Buddha : Asvaghosa's Sanskrit text with Eng. tr., (Cantos I to XIV) tr. from the Tibetan and Chinese versions together with an intro. and notes,...
Our Price : RS. 550.00
Buddhism across the grasslands of Chinggis Khan
by Chandra, Lokesh
Our Price : RS. 5500.00
Buddhism among the Turks of Central Asia
by Koves, Margit
Our Price : RS. 1500.00
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