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Results 1-8 of 8 titles for Aditya Archaeology
The Bakhshali manuscript : a study in medieval mathematics, 3 parts (bound in one), Calcutta, 1927
by Kaye, GR
Our Price : RS. 2000.00
The Bower manuscript : facsimile leaves, Nagari transcript, romanised transliteration and Eng. tr. with notes
by Hoernle, AF Rudolf (ed)
Our Price : RS. 4500.00
Dawn and devolution of the Indus civilization
by Rao, SR
Our Price : RS. 2000.00
The lost city of Dvaraka
by Rao, SR
Our Price : RS. 1800.00
New trends in Indian art and archaeology : S.R. Rao's 70th birthday felicitation volume, 2 vols
by Nayak, BU (ed.) et al.
Our Price : RS. 3000.00
Perspectives of archaeology, art and cultural in early Andhra Desa
by Rao, K Ramamohan
Our Price : RS. 425.00
Taxila, 3 vols. : an illustrated account of archaeological excavations, carried out at Taxila under the orders of the Government of India between the years 1913 and 1934
by Marshall, Sir John
Our Price : RS. 7500.00
Trees and woodlands of South India : archaeological perspectives
by Asouti, Eleni et al.
Our Price : RS. 2295.00