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Dictionary of Buddhist iconography, 15 vols. (complete set)
by Lokesh Chandra


ISBN: 9788186471937

Aditya Prakashan, New Delhi

Pub. Year: 1999

Pages, ills, maps etc.,
clxxxii+4586p., full of ill. with explanatory notes (6 folded), appendices, 29cm.

RS. 45000.00 Hardcover

Note: Postage will be charged as actual.
Other books written / edited by: Lokesh Chandra
Series: Satapitaka Series; 601-606 and 608-616
The dictionary of Buddhist Iconography is an endeavour of half a centruy to identify, classify, describe and delineate the bewildering variation in Buddhist icons, ever since the representation of the Buddha on a coin of the Kushan Emperor Kaniska. It is a continuation of the vast iconic materials and research that the author's father Prof. RaghuVira had conducted since the 1930s. Thousands of index cards, microfilms, photographs, painted scrolls, statues, woodcuts, line drawings, sketches in manuscripts and xylographs, of Buddhist deities have been used in this Dictionary. It documents the art that arose in the hot plains and snowy heights of Asia and became the artistic and divine heritage of India, Nepal, Buryatia, Mongolia, Tibet, Central Asia, China, Korea, Japan, Srilanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries. The Dictionary spans the last twenty centuries, and it is a comparative study of unprecedented geographic variations, besides the ever-evolving visualisations of great masters who introduced extraordinary plurality of divine forms in the dharanis and sadhanas. ;;Volume 1 - Abarokiteishubara - Amoghavajra;Volume 2 - Amoghavikramin -;Volume 3 - Cagan Acala - Dhupa;Volume 4 - Dhyana-paramita - Gzuns.las.byun.bahi;Volume 5 - Haakushu - Jyotisprabha ? Buddha;Volume 6 - Kabira-jin - Bde.mchog;Volume 7 - Ma.bdud - Manjushiri;Volume 8 - Manjusri - Nyoze-en;Volume 9 - Ober-e ober-e dagagci eke - Quricaqui ugei kobegun;Volume 10 - RA - Sakyamitra;Volume 11 - Sakyamuni - Sparsavajra;Volume 12 - Spar.smehi.hkhor.lo - Tzu-tsai-yuan-mu;Volume 13 - Ubai-shin - Vajrakulodbhava;Volume 14 - Vajrakumara - Vasumitra;Volume 15 - Vasundhara - Zyokukai (completed);;(Satapitaka Series; 601-606, 608-616)
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